Friday, 3 October 2014

At the Entrance to the Grand Hallway

Whether you will be permitted to enter the grand hallway, or not, will depend on many factors.

As you wipe your feet at the majestic front entrance, just inside the beautiful portico of Villa Twaklinilkawt's main building, please be aware that your imminent arrival will probably have been observed and monitored for a considerable time beforehand.

The grand hallway is where the magnificent news desk of Australia's finest and most enlightened news service is currently situated.  Your movements may or may not have been noted in great detail by the staff, guest reporters and volunteers on duty there.

If you are reasonably respectable, you will probably be made welcome at the news desk, unless you forgot to wipe your feet properly.

If you are fortunate enough to be admitted through the magnificent doorway, into the grand hallway itself, you may notice that there are mirrors everywhere. 

There are many observations to be made in the world and the staff in the hallway will be unlikely to mention anything likely to embarrass you, unless absolutely necessary.  They try to be reasonably polite.

All team members try to keep most of their observations secret, unless corruption is occurring in the corridors of power or there are other dangers to report.  The most suitably trained team members usually know everything about everything worth knowing in this vicinity.  Please do not try to fool them with your inadequate knowledge.

The ethereal proprietor hopes you will not feel intimidated or overawed, especially if one of the staff members or volunteers starts laughing in your presence.

Update:  July 2016

Your transition from being an Adelaide outsider to a well-informed insider is likely to open several interesting doors for you.  To be an insider means to receive a genuine welcome from other insiders.  This may occur in the grand hallway if you become a high profile news reader, reporter or editor.

The ethereal public tour of Villa Twaklinilkawt usually continues this way