Monday, 17 August 2015

Around the Poetic Twaklinian Potting Shed

All visitors, even if perceived to be dignitaries and diplomats, are meant to go around the poetic Twaklinian potting shed and not to enter it, even on their birthdays.

The potting shed is out of bounds to most persons except poetic botanists, Twaklinian economists and appropriately qualified Twaklinist, feminist, royalist musicologists, though even those persons are only permitted to enter the potting shed on their birthdays.

Many visitors to Villa Twaklinilkawt consider it a great inconvenience to be forced to make a detour around the potting shed rather than going through it.  The shed is, appropriately, poetically situated between the coach house and the stables.

There are garden walls extending on either side of the potting shed, at both ends, for several metres.  The walls join all the nearby structures together in a satisfying, symbolic and aesthetic experience of the highest quality.

Even the horses have not been permitted to enter the potting shed since they began cantering through the recitation of incantations, knocking over the watering cans.

The two walled seedling gardens on either side of the potting shed are maintained by the only persons permitted to enter the shed itself when not having a birthday, namely the haughty horticulturalists.  Those persons are expected to maintain the potting shed to a standard of great beauty and efficiency, to nurture healthy seeds and seedlings, and to keep the shed sufficiently tidy.  The haughty horticulturalists are also responsible for ensuring nothing untoward occurs inside the two walled gardens.

Although all gardening associated with Villa Twaklinilkawt is as natural as possible, a healthy, ethereal spray may occasionally be sprinkled in accordance with Twaklinological standards of plant breeding, but only as an urgent, climatological protection measure.  In view of this, please keep to the well-marked sublime pathways at all times, for your own safety.

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