Monday, 3 August 2015

In the Ethereal Coaching Coach House and Climate Stability Stables

With several coaches on display, as well as the broadband wagon and the thinking tank, the ethereal coaching coach house provides an excellent environment for coaching and mentoring.

The climate stability stables also provide an excellent environment for coaching and mentoring, as well as for tutorials about tact, tack, a hack, the weather, climatological attribution, policy solutions, horses for courses and courses for horses.

Only mentors are permitted to sit in the thinking tank and only musicians are permitted to sit on the broadband wagon.  Musical mentors, whether of the practical or theoretical varieties, are the only persons permitted to sit in the carriage of justice.

Horses may wish to sit, but it is inadvisable for them to do so, except when wishing to visit the library.

You may have the honour of meeting one of the senior mentors during the tour, if you are fortunate.

You may even have the honour of being introduced to the world's most enlightened horses, if you can afford the fees.

The tour continues this way