Thursday, 3 September 2015

Along the Sublime Pathways

As you explore the gardens and grounds of Villa Twaklinilkawt, your guide is likely to remind to you to keep to the sublime pathways at all times.  Persons unable to follow that reasonable, enlightened request will be asked to return to the gatehouse immediately for psychiatric purposes, possibly under psychological supervision.

The sublime pathways are suitable for walking and reflecting.  They are not suitable for wheeled devices of any sort.  That is why the reasonable carriageways, enlightened bridle lanes and sensible scooter routes have been supplied for persons with mobility insufficiencies.  Several elegant, almost-automatic modes of transportation are available for hire, subject to availability.

All visitors are reminded to pay attention to the No Litter signs.

The sublime pathways have been designed for courteous, conversational purposes, but not for talking to oneself or to imaginary persons, except for reasons of art.  Each pathway is uniquely named.  For example, there is the sublime pathway of reason running parallel to the sublime pathway of evidence.

The aforementioned parallel pathways are intersected by the sublime pathway for enlightened democracy, for obvious reasons.

Please note that running itself is not permitted except on the main, reasonable carriageway leading to the Grounds for Gracious Causes.

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