Monday, 14 September 2015

At the Invisible Ticket Office

If you wish to support the maintenance and improvement of Villa Twaklinilkawt, you may have been looking around for the ticket office in order to supply the necessary funds.  The ticket office is, of course, in the gatehouse.

You may even express a desire to support the maintenance and improvement of the inhabitants, employees, volunteers, trainees and visitors within Villa Twaklinilkawt.  That is, indeed, a lofty and somewhat expensive aim.

Providing an enlightening, virtual interpretive service is essential for all well-informed suppliers of worthy cultural experiences in the 21st century, as you will know if you are attempting to be or become such a supplier yourself, dear visitor.  Tickets for training in such a pursuit are also available at the invisible ticket offices.

It is even more necessary for enlightened producers of political experiences, as well as natural ones, to place their work in an acceptably informed, globally-appropriate, digital, cultural context.  Training options for those producers are also presented in the invisible ticket office.

At the invisible ticket office, which can be reached from outside the grounds through the glorious gateway of gratitude and from inside the grounds along the sublime pathways, all your questions will be answered.  In fact, several mysteries will probably be revealed to you at the invisible ticket office.  The world will then be saved from imminent disaster through your well-informed efforts.

You may, in fact, wish to think about making an additional donation at the invisible ticket office towards the upkeep and renovation of this establishment.  You are very likely to do so whilst refreshing yourself in the grounds for gracious causes, or in the parlour if that is your preference.  Several of the most enlightened guests refresh themselves in the library, too.

Please note that no funding for Villa Twaklinilkawt itself, or for the endowment fund administered from the main archive, has been requested from, or received from, any level of Australia's government.  Nor has any funding been requested or received from any intergovernmental institution, or any non-Nilkawtian government source at all, or even any commercial entity.  This signifies that the artistic and intellectual independence and integrity within Villa Twaklinilkawt is currently maintained to the highest possible standard.

Should you wish to contribute some funds and other forms of patronage towards peaceful, ongoing public access to Villa Twaklinilkawt, with or without a canoe, it is likely you are currently providing some sort of global, national and/or local leadership.  Active engagement in the solving of problems is often admirable.

How will you go about making yourself known at the invisible ticket office?

Are you usually somewhat invisible yourself?

Most persons here have great respect for privacy, confidentiality and a lovely cup of tea.  It is why only matters of significant public interest are published in the parlour diary.

Your contributions to the long-term beauty, understanding and magnificence of the work performed within Villa Twaklinilkawt will certainly enhance your regard in the affections of the most enlightened members of the public, even if your own historical significance would otherwise be of ephemeral consequence.

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