Friday, 25 September 2015

Relaxing in the Guest Wing

For some strange reason, expected guests and ordinary visitors have a tendency to feel uncomfortable upon first arriving in Villa Twaklinilkawt.  This applies even after receiving a gracious welcome at the news desk.

It appears that many visitors are discomfited when they hear the sound of laughter, thinking it may be directed towards themselves.  Usually, however, expected guests and distinguished visitors are highly enlightened persons.  No-one would laugh at them.

Expected guests will certainly be invited to laugh with the ethereal reporters when investigating the absurdities of life, later in their stay.  Most persons staying in the guest wing are here to participate in training courses.

The news desk often doubles as the reception desk for the guest wing, even though the hallway, in which the news desk is situated, is a long walk from the guest wing itself.   And even when receiving instructions at the news desk/reception desk on how to reach the guest wing, it is highly likely that the guest will end up in the lost proper tea office.

Most of the guests will be guest reporters, guest lecturers, guest examiners, and official parlour guests.  They will all be especially keen to begin their explorations through the current main science studio at the earliest opportunity.

The guests will, of course, have earlier made their acquaintance with the staff and volunteers at the ticket office in the gatehouse, where all the necessary documentation will have been completed.  The ticket office will be where confirmation of the credentials of the guest will have been assessed.  Any guests without the proper paperwork may mistakenly be sent to the library or the orchards.

Most guests will be expected to begin their stay with a free tutorial.

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