Tuesday, 1 September 2015

Within the Glorious Gateway of Gratitude

Each morning, at around 3.30am, the first non-resident staff of the day begin to arrive for work here in Villa Twaklinilkawt.  They are followed, at around 4am, by the first of the volunteers.

The gate, on the outer side of the glorious gateway of gratitude, always opens automatically whenever an appreciative person arrives.  The inner gate is rarely opened.  It is only ever used by persons not in need of further training.

The gateway itself runs through the centre of the lower two floors of the five storey gatehouse.  There are an additional three floors towering above the gateway itself.

Staff enter a doorway inside the gateway, to the left.  Volunteers enter a doorway inside the gateway, to the right.

Eight resident, mortal volunteers reside temporarily in the right side of the gatehouse.  At least two of those persons are on duty to open the doors for other volunteers, whatever the time of day or night.  Above them are the living quarters of the resident volunteers and the training facilities for anyone wishing to volunteer at Villa Twaklinilkawt.

There is no connecting door between the volunteer side and the staff side of the gatehouse, except through the glorious gateway of gratitude.  The volunteers only require two floors of their side for their own purposes.  The floors above them provide the living quarters for all the resident staff.

Behind the ticket office on the ground floor, through the volunteer entrance, is the staff meeting room.  The staff often supervise the volunteers, particularly during daylight hours.  They also provide the training.

The service wing of Villa Twaklinilkawt provides no accommodation for servants or trainee servants, and certainly not for volunteers.  When people are asleep, they are rarely of service to anyone directly.

All mortal visitors to Villa Twaklinilkawt enter through the right side of the gatehouse, through the volunteer area devoted to their enlightenment.  Such visitors have a tendency to arrive at all sorts of odd moments, unlike the non-resident staff and volunteers.

It is only possible to become enlightened voluntarily, which is why volunteering is so important within Villa Twaklinilkawt.  The glorious gateway of gratitude will only open to you if your mind wishes you to become more enlightened than you appear to be at present.

The staff entrance to the gatehouse is strictly out of bounds to ordinary visitors, and to volunteers.  It is not possible for an ordinary mortal to enter the staff side of the gatehouse without first attaining paid employment within Villa Twaklinilkawt itself.

Although the upper floors of the gatehouse are mainly for the residential purposes of residential staff, the lower two floors of the staff side of the gatehouse contain mainly training areas.  More information about those areas will only be supplied when experiencing training through the volunteer section of the gatehouse.

Most volunteers work for between one hour and one hundred hours a week.  This often includes at least one hour of imaginative sleeping, followed by at least two hours of early morning, reflective documentation, before or after a brisk walk and a pleasant breakfast.  Thousands of volunteers even have the ability to do so remotely, without being anywhere near the villa itself, or even its gatehouse.

All the employed staff in Villa Twaklinilkawt are selected from amongst the willing and able volunteers.  It is not possible to be gainfully employed here without first being a volunteer, except if wishing to be a political servant of either the state or federal varieties.

Political servants have rarely attained an adequate level of either enlightenment or gratitude, which is why they are often locked out.  It is additionally a reason why they are usually to be found shouting through the ornate railings of the gateway, hoping to attract someone's attention.  There are no windows on the outer, ground floor of the gatehouse.

All mortal staff are required to be full citizens of Australia, with or without an additional citizenship.  If desiring, at a future moment, to become a federal Australian political servant or some (other) sort of anti-servant, additional citizenships are inadvisable.

Volunteers can be of any nationality as long as they uphold the principles of enlightened democracy.  Visitors often learn more about the principles of enlightened democracy during a guided tour of Villa Twaklinilkawt, either from a staff member, one of the volunteers or even from the ethereal owner of this villa, if they are very fortunate indeed.

The ethereal staff are often paid in gratitude or some other suitable form of recompense.  Acknowledgement of their historical, philosophical and cultural significance is all they truly desire.

The volunteers are paid in kind and kindness, as well as at least partly through the training they are usually grateful to receive.  Volunteers, including the interns, are even occasionally paid in gratitude themselves.  They rarely receive gratuities.  They may not even have their expenses met without prior consent.

The staff and the volunteers have their own long, walled gardens, to the east and west of Villa Twaklinilkawt.  These adjoin the other walled gardens around the periphery of the central Adelaidezone area of the villa.

Beyond the central area, of course, are the public domain park lands.  These can even be accessed without going through the gateway itself.  Entrance to the public domain is often free of charge.

Please note that charges usually apply for anyone wishing to enter the glorious gateway of gratitude with the wrong attitude.  This is reflected in the ticket prices.

There are other gateways, for exit purposes only.  Several of those are likely to be locked.

How have you experienced being at the gatehouse?

In a moment, the virtual, ethereal, guided tour will probably continue this way