Tuesday, 20 October 2015

Within a Little Writing Hut

Around the grounds of Villa Twaklinilkawt, the perimeter wall keeps out intruders and other unwanted nusances, pests and pets.  Inside the perimeter are the small, walled, perimeter gardens, inside each of which is likely to be found a little hut.

Each walled garden around each little hut is a private space.  It is where a writer can work uninterrupted, as long as the weather and the humour are relatively dry.  A large jug of drinking water is supplied.

A folding table, a folding chair and a solar charger for a portable electronic device can be provided upon request.   There is an open-air composting toilet near the perimeter wall, screened by vegetation.  The toilet is placed away from the hut, opposite the entrance to the walled garden.

As most of the little writing huts and their respective gardens are not available for viewing to most visitors, and nor are their toilets, a demonstration model has been built near the gatehouse for explanatory purposes.  Please remember that silence must be observed at all times when in the presence of active writers, thoughful readers and their places of occupation.

Your guide will describe the simple structure of a typical writing hut.  If you are already familiar with the technicalities of vernacular architecture, you will find it to be similar to a pit-house or dugout, with a green roof and a post and lintel frame of mud bricks and small branches. 

The lower quarter of the structure is partly below ground level, reached by a ramped, landscaped entrance.  Additional insulation is provided using a style of wattle and daub known in South Australia as pug and pine.  This is used on the walls and ceiling.  There is an earthen floor and an entrance door and window shutter made of woven wattle

Given the price of land in Adelaide, these huts represent the only type of affordable housing available to most local writers at present.  Even though comfort may be lacking, peace and privacy are assured inside a little writing hut in the grounds of Villa Twaklinilkawt.

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