Wednesday, 20 January 2016

Access to the Trustworthy Museum of the Future

One of the ordinary bedrooms, in the ordinary house, behind which Villa Twaklinilkawt sits, has recently been transformed into the Trustworthy Museum of the Future.  The trustees of the Trustworthy Museum of the Future have forbidden selfies in or near the museum.

No photography is permitted anywhere at all in or near the museum for that matter, nor any sketching, note taking, photocopying, borrowing or touching.

Just as the future cannot be seen or touched or felt, or even heard, all that is known is that there are trends, habits and routines today and these may or may not be passed on to future generations.  The Trustworthy Museum of the Future displays original artifacts in keeping with this reality.

The artifacts in the museum have much in common with the original Domesday Book.  They are the unique source references that will assist every new generation to understand the world and its traditions. 

Access is by invitation only.  All tickets are valid for a strictly limited time.  Entry fees currently start at 43,000 AUD in the low season.

There is no digital version of the Trustworthy Museum of the Future.  It would become useless after only one day.  Digital technologies tend to become obsolete very quickly.

Nor is there a published inventory of any sort.

There are many other parts of Villa Twaklinilkawt of possible relevance to museum visitors:

Digital archive

Administrative and curatorial offices

Invisible ticket office

Beautiful views