Tuesday, 9 February 2016

Maintenance Arrangements

The most important maintenance mechanisms here are of the security, aquatic and philosophical varieties.  Each requires hourly maintenance around the clock, all year round.

The backyard of the ordinary suburban house, behind which Villa Twaklinilkawt sits, was once a typical, suburban lawn.  Its rectangular area, covered in a coarse expanse of buffalo grass, was noisily "maintained" in earlier decades.  That usually meant it was decimated to a pale, brown stubble at regular intervals, regardless of the weather.

There is nothing intrinsically peaceful about an Australian lawn, an Australian household or an Australian relationship.  The noise of lawn maintenance is usually quite unsuitable for the conduct of compassionate conversations or romantic, passionate intentions.

The sound of lawn cutting machinery also has a tendency to intrude upon studying and snoozing and other necessary suburban pursuits, as well as unnecessary but otherwise enjoyable ones.  Whether in yards or courtyards, or when courting, in gardens, parlours or kitchens, the world needs compassion, of course. It may also require an ideas boom, an ethereal neighbourhood, many beautiful views, sufficient training, adequate interpretation, the provision of workshops and even a theatre.

The intention of keeping an Adelaidean lawn to a constant, British bowling green, manicured standard requires vast quantities of water during the long, hot, non-British summer months.  At the same time, the Adelaide public tends to complain about the cost of its water supply and lawn maintenance, even during droughts and heatwaves.

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