Saturday, 27 February 2016

Through the Twaklin Gate

Persons familiar with the official history of Villa Twaklinilkawt will already be aware that an ordinary, concrete path in an ordinary, Adelaide suburban backyard leads towards a Hardenbergia covered wall, behind which the villa itself may be found.

Within the wall is the gateway of compassion, leading to the courtyard of compassion.

The gateway is often covered in vegetation and difficult to find.  In fact, the gate of compassion can only be found when in possession of the special key.  It is the same key used to unlock the Twaklin gate.  Without the special key, therefore, Villa Twaklinilkawt cannot be reached at all.

In fact, that key was only located in 2009.

If you are reasonably familiar with the early history of Villa Twaklinilkawt, you will know about the special key.  When Reality, in her muddy gloves and boots, found the key, little did she realise how it would change her life.

Mr Rational was not home at the time.  He had gone off to a hardware store to explore the options for a new side gate and especially to compare prices and specifications, as he usually did when making a significant purchase.

Reality went into the garage to take off her muddy boots and gloves.  She planned to go later with Mr Rational to choose the new side gate, and possibly a few shrubs.  She was just about to shut the garage door when she noticed a plant had appeared in the ground, in the spot where she had just dug up the key.  The plant appeared to be a rose bush.  She did not want to grow roses in the front garden.

When she looked again, there was a little, pale blue bird with a pink beak hovering over the rose.  Reality wondered who had planted the rose.  She also wondered what the bird was doing there.  First of all, she thought it was an escaped budgerigar, but they do not usually have pink beaks.

Then Reality thought she heard something or someone around the other side of the house, where the new side gate was to be situated.  Cautiously, she took a look, holding her garden fork, just in case there was an intruder.

With relief, she found that no-one was there.  Then Reality noticed an unusual, wrought iron gate where the old, rotten wood one was meant to be.  Had Mr Rational returned home with a beautiful surprise for her?

Mr Rational had gone by car to the hardware store over an hour earlier but had certainly not returned.  Reality would have obviously noticed the car in the garage and Mr Rational usually gave her a kiss as soon as he returned home.  The kiss was usually the extent of his romantic gestures, along with washing the dishes.

Reality, feeling perplexed, then returned to the front of the house.  The little bird and the rose bush had disappeared.  She then began to feel frightened.  Was she hallucinating?

She decided she needed to go in the house and lie down for a while, in case she had been overdoing things in the garden.  Yet she still had the key in her hand.

Before going into the house, Reality went over to the mysterious gate again, to see if it was still there.   It was.

The gate was, in fact, imprinted with the mysterious word Twaklin in the centre.  Did the word have any meaning?

When Reality put the key in the lock on the Twaklin gate, the handle turned of its own accord and the gate quietly opened.   Little did she know that the enlightened spirit of the Adelaidezone had then fully arrived and taken possession of the suburban house, and of her life.

Then Mr Rational came home.  He wondered why Reality was looking pale.  Yet he, too, noticed the large, ornate key in her hand.  He also saw the unusual gate when she took him around the side of the house.  They could not both be imagining things.

How could Reality explain the situation to her husband?  Would he think her mad?  Would he seek a mental health assessment for her?

The gate was a perfect fit.  No-one could really see into the garden through it as the sheds were in the way. But then, when Reality put the key in the lock from the street side again, she did not see the tin shed on the other side.  She saw a beautiful, climbing rose on an ornate trellis, matching the gate.  It was the wrong time of year for roses to be blooming like that.

Mr Rational could still only see the shed.

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