Saturday, 30 April 2016

During Renovations in the Investigative Unit

While renovations are taking place in the Investigative Unit, in the observation tower of Villa Twaklinilkawt, our most senior ethereal tour guide will be taking visitors on a diversion to a small, temporary investigation area.

The diversion will go through the Celebrity Visitors' Centre and various other areas until it reaches a small room next to the Lost Proper Tea Office.  The small room is called the Room for Error.

Only a few of the staff from the Investigative Unit can fit into the Room for Error so another small room, next to the current main science studio has also been temporarily allocated to the Adelaide Adagia researchers.  That room is the Room for Improvement.

Unfortunately, the more spacious Room for Celebration is not available at present.  It is being used for rather secretive rehearsals.

Our most senior ethereal tour guide prefers to take visitors between the observation tower and the main science studio by way of the Twaklinilkawtian Corridor.  Even when there have beeb no renovations in the Investigative Unit, citizen-journalists have frequently made their way there by going through Twaklinesque Long Galleries A and/or B.

Citizen-journalists are often interested in observing the administrative and curatorial offices associated with various activities conducted within and from Villa Twaklinilkawt.  They thereby gain the ability to improve there own investigative techniques and learn how to spot errors.

Spotting errors is also important when attending a Twaklinesque literary festival.  Finding errors is especially required when preparing for such a literary festival, even before a work of literature is published.

The staff in the Investigative Unit have frequently received questions about such matters, in error.  The enquirers are always referred to the relevant authorities, for further guidance.  This is, however, unlikely to occur during renovations.

The Investigative Unit itself has beautiful views.  These are reflected not just through the window and elegant mirrors but also in the unique house style of the writers and their work.  The ordinary, ethereal journalists and their amateur, mortal counterparts, down in the hallway, may wish to reach a literary level of similar loftiness.  Unfortunately, they have usually spent too much time beforehand absorbing influences from the wrong sorts of media.

Anyone familiar with the official history of Villa Twaklinilkawt will know that renovations take place here relatively frequently.  There are no renovations occurring in or near the library at present, which is why several persons from the Investigative Unit prefer to work in that calm and spacious environment.  Those individuals may then easily make their way down the winding corridor to the grand hallway, whenever the need arises.

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Gaining access to the Celebrity Visitors' Centre

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Through Twaklinesque Long Galleries A and/or B

Observing the administrative and curatorial offices

Attending a Twaklinesque literary festival

Access to beautiful views

The official history of Villa Twaklinilawt

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