Tuesday, 12 April 2016

Looking for the Official Sign of Hope

All areas of Villa Twaklinilkawt are very well signposted, both indoors and outdoors. 

As with Villa Twaklinilkawt itself, and its distinguished ethereal proprietor, the Sign of Hope has a long and illustrious history.  That history is revealed in the well-signposted, self-guided walking tour between the not-so-new interpretive centre and the entrance to the grand hallway.

The signposts along the walk do not include the official Sign of Hope but they do include many unofficial signs of hope, and of significance.  Evidence of that significance will easily be found at the gatehouse.

From the gatehouse, a history of false leadership and false hope may also be acquired, subject to the ability to pay.  Keeping up with the payments may, however, possibly require the assistance of a large loan or two, into perpetuity.

Fortunately, whenever true leadership is sought, Villa Twaklinilkawt is often able to supply it.  The philanthropic generosity of the ethereal proprietor is often evident in that regard.  That is why many areas of the villa will officially be staying open for leadership in the lead up to an important election.  Signs of enlightened cultural leadership often point towards the official Sign of Hope.

You will find that additional, weatherproof, unofficial signs of hope are usually displayed here when we are preparing for big events, at any time of year.  For anyone wishing to continue their hopeful explorations through the main science studio, several more unofficial signs of hope will be supplied, along with all the necessary intellectual tools, digital instruments and signals.

As usual, signatures will be required before venturing through Twaklinesque long galleries A and/or B.  Various signs and symbols are obviously on display around and along the long galleries.

All the signs associated with Villa Twaklinilkawt are designed in a specially designed display area.  That area itself may often been seen whilst observing the administrative and curatorial offices and following the signs.

The remarkably beautiful No Litter signs along the sublime pathways in the gardens and grounds are not quite as significant as the choices to be made at the invisible ticket office.  From there, an indication may be supplied of the location of the official Sign of Hope.

The more enthusiastic visitors seek to locate the sign itself from a vantage point above the editorial orchards.   Other eager visitors seek it after viewing the apparitional pavilion. Yet many reflective persons are sure they noticed it along the prosperity corridor on the way to the palour after viewing one of the true sprezzatura performances in the little private theatre.

When visiting the parlour meant for you, otherwise known as the green room, there are several corridors leading the way there, most of which are cryptically signposted with riddles and puzzles and detours and other forms of perplexity, mystery and bafflement.  None of them contain the Official Sign of Hope.

Many signs of prosperity are misleading.  Fortunately, training through the service wing will lead to their accurate interpretation.

Whilst seeking access to beautiful views from the rooms of Villa Twaklinilkawt, signs of leadership will be on show at the most appropriate moments.  This is not necessarily likely to be the case for anyone attaining non-digital access.

Once you are thoroughly familiar with the official history of Villa Twaklinilkawt, and you have taken the opportunity to look through the Twaklin gate, then official Sign of Hope may become apparent to you, or it may not.  It will all depend on the level of enlightenment you have already attained.

Until you know how to look at the world, you will not know where to look and what you may find.

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