Thursday, 16 June 2016

Relaxing in the Really Green Green Room

Relatively well-informed, compassionate people find it difficult to relax when thinking of the future.

They are distressed by the suffering in the world.

They grieve over the suffering they have been unable to prevent in the past.

They worry about the suffering they will be unable to prevent in the future.

They feel tense whenever they perceive they do not have the power to ease distress and overcome injustice.

They forget, however, that they may, in fact, be suffering from stage fright.

Even the most confident, talented, well-rehearsed performer, in possession of the best material to present, can lose confidence when even one individual undermines a situation by acting with malice, indifference, incompetence or intrusiveness.

A safe environment, in which an appropriate level of psychological support is provided, is necessary at all times and in all places.  Such an environment can help any performer to gain or regain a reasonable level of confidence. Guidance is also supplied, in such an environment, to ensure overconfident persons are diplomatically provided with a true indication of their abilities.

The parlour was temporarily the green room for the little theatre in Villa Twaklinikawt.  Unfortunately, the fascinating discussions in that location often meant that performers missed their cues.

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Relax in the really green green room

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