Sunday, 24 July 2016

Exhibition on the Art of Reciprocity

Queues are already forming at the invisible ticket office for entry to the forthcoming online exhibition on the art of reciprocity. 

Villa Twaklinilkawt has long been associated with:

1.  Reciprocal philanthropy

2.  Elegantly enlightened approaches to compliance and defiance

3.  Investigations into priorities, patrons, entitlements and incompatible cultures

4. A private celebration with friends

5. The Twaklinian Appreciation Society of Australia

6. An unconventional convention

7. The Australian economy

8. Mozart in the parlour

9. Better politics for Australia

10. Carefully graded teachings

11. The matter of quality democracy

12. The matter of the inner voice

13. New Year quality and credibility

14. Participating in a Twaklinopera

15. Furniture and music

16. The free and the fair

17. Finding and training parlour maids

18. How to prevent uncertainty and other forms of unpleasantness

The exhibition has been curated by Reality as part of her personal contribution to the 21st century Enlightenment.  Reality has long been associated with music and other preferences as well as the art of reciprocity.  Her work has been connected with communications, management, administrative and curatorial work for several years.

Reality is currently supported in Villa Twaklinilkawt through the main science studio, the ethereal workshops and the trustworthy museum of the future.  To learn more about her work please make your way through the Twaklin gate and follow the crowd to the ticket office.