Friday, 22 July 2016

Views from the Adelaidezone Preservation Station

One of the best places to view, hear and monitor the environment of Adelaide is from the Adelaidezone preservation station in the gatehouse tower.

The station is situated on the floor above the Adelaidezone news observatory

Underneath the preservation station and news observatory is the archway over the glorious gateway of gratitude, in the centre of the gatehouse.

The gateway can be reached through the courtyard of compassion, of course. 

From the Adelaidezone preservation station, the natural and cultural heritage of the area is monitored.  The purpose of the monitoring is to observe the ways in which the Adelaidezone is being damaged and/or protected

The information is then conveyed to the news observatory and from there to the natural common room.  From the natural common room, the information is conveyed to other areas of Villa Twaklinilkawt, and to the wider world.

The gatehouse itself is home to many reasonably enlightened gatekeepers.  Their job is mainly to ensure only suitably trained persons can enter the Adelaidezone preservation station. 

The gatekeepers are also in charge of the Adelaidezone preservation station, the not-so-new interpretive centre and the trustworthy museum of the future. They are also responsible for keeping the gatehouse, and Villa Twaklinilkawt more generally, open for leadership

The gatekeepers are especially responsible for ensuring all the particularly extraordinary areas of Villa Twaklinilkawt are only open to members of the general public once those persons have successfully completed all the necessary training.  The gatekeepers are therefore in charge of the invisible ticket office

The ethereal public tour continues this way