Sunday, 10 July 2016

Within the Rotunda of Reason

At the highest elevation in the grounds for gracious causes is the rotunda of reason.  At the centre of the rotunda is the fountain of wisdom.  Surrounding the fountain is the pool of talent.  The pool is surrounded by the seats of learning.  Surrounding the seats are the tables of logic.

Between the somewhat sacred central section of the rotunda and the outer walls is the circular passageway of experience.  On the inside of the passageway are the beautiful archways of evidence.

To enter the rotunda is a form of privileged access.   It requires years of prior training.

Relevant early training can be attained through the service wing of Villa Twaklinilkawt.  That training can be usefully supplemented by exploring the current main science studio.

Higher level trainees can often be found walking serenely along the sublime pathways in the gardens and grounds.  Persons failing to reach the higher level without additional guidance are advised to book a seat in the room for remedial etiquette.

Many higher level trainees, when not walking around serenely, can be found relaxing in the really green green room.  They are likely to be preparing for important performances on the world stage so please do not disturb them unnecessarily.

Activities within the rotunda of reason are rarely revealed to uninitiated persons.  Only after many years of experience on the world stage, using the highest levels of reason, wisdom, talent, learning, logic and evidence, will a person be invited to attend the rotunda gatherings.

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