Monday, 1 August 2016

Enjoying a Few Days and Nights in a Creativity Cabin

Although relaxation is recommended whilst wandering through Twaklinesque long galleries A and/or B in Villa Twaklinilkawt, it is sometimes difficult for inadequately prepared visitors to achieve it.

Similarly, relaxing in the guest wing can be difficult for anyone when there are considerable social, cultural and political expectations to be met.

Being seemingly relaxed, even when terrified, is an art and therefore particularly useful when attempting true sprezzatura performances in the little private theatre here.

As the official history of Villa Twaklinilkawt indicates, people often feel most relaxed in this location when they feel welcome.

Serene persons may be seen down the winding corridor from time to time.  Even so, no-one associated with Villa Twaklinilkawt is ever complacent.

You may have spent a little time relaxing in the really green green room.

But where do you usually find and express your creativity?

You may have felt creative at the entrance to the grand hallway.

You may have felt creative whilst observing the administrative and curatorial offices in the observation tower.

You may have felt creative above the editorial orchards.

You may have felt creative whilst looking through the keyhole of a storage shed.

You may have felt creative inside the lovely walled gardens.

You may have felt creative whilst looking for the official sign of hope.

You may have felt creative when seeking something from the post-consumerist gift store.

You may have felt creative whilst being supplied with guidance in the library.

You may have felt creative within a little writing hut.

You may even have felt creative during renovations in the investigative unit.

You will usually be expected to be creative whilst participating in the annual World Enlightenment Forum.

You will probably find your creativity is enhanced whenever you have access to beautiful views.

When gaining privileged access to Villa Twaklinikawt, it may be possible to enjoy a few days and nights in a creativity cabin in a private area of the grounds for gracious causes.

If you have spent at least a little while visiting the parlour meant for you, then you will know about the gracious hospitality provided there to sustain the creativity of distinguished guests and ordinary visitors.

Your creativity may have been enhanced whilst walking or gliding along the sublime pathways in the gardens and wider grounds.

Your creativity will certainly have been enhanced at the invisible ticket office, at least if you have an adequate imagination.

Your creativity is unlikely to have been enhanced in the corridors of power or in the fenced-off conservation areas.

To ensure any stay in a creativity cabin is as relaxing and productive as possible, please note the Teapottian parking restrictions currently in place.

Creativity is usually required of scientists before, during and after their explorations through the current main science studio.

Creativity is usually also required when going around the poetic Twaklinian potting shed.

When attaining non-digital access, the potential creativity of any visitor may or may not reach fruition, with or without further training.

Creativity may or may not be experienced when going through the Twaklin gate.  Indeed, creativity cannot be summoned or bought or coerced in any way.

The creativity of other people can often be enjoyed, however.  This is particularly the case in the pretty flower rooms.

Enhancing your own creativity, whether individually or in a group, is most likely to occur after enjoying a few days and nights in a creativity cabin.  That is where the purpose and extent of your creativity may become known to you, and possibly to your collaborators.  Will you consider the experience to be a form of retreat and/or as a form of enlightenment?

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