Wednesday, 24 August 2016

Joining the Guardians of the Gardens of Welcome

If you love healthy gardens, and you love welcoming thoughtful people to healthy gardens, you may wish to become one of the Villa Twaklinilkawt guardians.  You will, of course, be expected to be an advocate, supporter and supplier of knowledge about healthy gardening and gracious hospitality. 

The guardians of the gardens of welcome at Villa Twaklinilkawt also advocate, support and supply quality professional journalism and quality citizen-journalism, regardless of the publication(s) through which they demonstrate those values and qualities.  They have an enlightened outlook on life, not an excessively romantic or otherwise unscientific one.

The gardens of welcome are obviously places of peace and courtesy, where the harmonious interplay of beauty, understanding and magnificence can flourish without intrusions.  The guardians of the gardens of welcome are therefore involved in training visitors in the requirements of good gardening and good manners.

Joining the guardians of the gardens of welcome begins by completing the introductory digital workshops.  Please note that there may be some digging involved, a little weeding and at least a few demonstrations of the obvious ability to use a rake appropriately.

The seeds of significance must be sifted.  The seedlings of good policies must be nurtured.  The life sciences must be carefully examined and tested.  The connections between ecology and artistry must be presented clearly in all garden plans, composting processes and pruning procedures.

All the research tools and investigative implements necessary for the maintenance of the gardens of welcome must be sourced, used and stored in accordance with the enlightened gardening instruction manual.

All guardians of the gardens of welcome are expected to be proficient in the ethical acquisition, use and storage of a wide range of tools and implements.  They must not only know when produce is ready for harvesting but also how it should be stored, prepared for use and suitably shared.

If you think you have the qualities required of a guardian in the gardens of welcome, do please make your way immediately to the free introductory workshop.