Wednesday, 7 September 2016

Training to be an Online Twaklinological Tutor

Official online information about Twaklinological tutoring, whether for online or off line uses, or for a combination of modes, has been prepared mainly for the benefit of qualified tutors, and the qualified supervisors of qualified tutors, rather than for students.  Only qualified persons are able to identify information as being designed for official training purposes.

It is not possible to become an off line Twaklinological tutor without first gaining sufficient experience in several online tutorial situations.  The reasons for this stem from the necessity to critique satisfactorily online before attempting do so in the world of ordinary mortals.

To begin to train as an online Twaklinological tutor is to start on a journey into the second Age of Enlightenment.  New trainees are known as student-apprentices.

From a Twaklinhood perspective, a student-apprentice is distinguished from ordinary students in several ways, most of which will only become known to the student-apprentices during the initiation process.

Learning the theories and practices of Twaklinological training and tutoring usually begins with attendance at the introductory, seven-hour lecture.  This is followed by a five-hour tutorial, at the end of which a list of assignments is provided to each student-apprentice.

All assignments must be completed within nineteen hours.  No excuses for lateness are accepted.  No assistance by the lecturing and tutorial staff is supplied.

Before starting the training, student-apprentices will be well advised to know a few things already about online tutoring and educational technology.  They will probably also find it useful to know a few things about peer support.

Student-apprentices with prior training through the service wing of Villa Twaklinilkawt are likely to find their subsequent experiences to be easier.  They are also likely to benefit from previous tutorials in the original training pavilion.

Indeed, the completion of many earlier tutorials through the International Training Centre for the Harmonious Interplay of Beauty, Understanding and Magnificence will obviously benefit student-apprentices greatly.