Thursday, 20 October 2016

Forthcoming Tour Restrictions

Visitors are hereby notified that several areas of Villa Twaklinilkawt will soon no longer be accessible on the public virtual tour.

The areas are as follows:

1. The main digital archive

2. The administrative and curatorial offices

3. The invisible ticket office

4. Most of the beautiful views

5. The enlightening news vaults

6. The investigative unit

7. The current main science studio

8. The winding corridor

9. The original training pavilion

10. The apparitional pavilion

Access to the following locations remains restricted:

1. The trustworthy museum of the future

2. The celebrity visitors' centre

3. The room for celebration

4. The corridors of power and the fenced-off conservation areas

5. The Adelaidezone preservation station

6. The garden of enlightenment

7. The arts laboratory

8. The poetic Twaklinian potting shed

9. The guest wing

Additional restrictions are likely to apply soon in relation to the following areas:

1. The service wing

2. The music room

3. The lost proper tea office

4. The parlour meant for you

5. The rotunda of reason

Please contact any staff member if you wish to obtain privileged access.  It would be advisable, before doing so, to acquaint yourself with all the maintenance arrangements currently in progress.

The necessary inclusions remain on the public tour.