Wednesday, 5 October 2016

Investing in the Investigative Unit

Now that you have received a suitable welcome to Villa Twaklinilkawt, and you know something about this enlightening venue, and you have probably even taken the official public virtual tour, what else do you believe you are entitled to experience here?  What are you seeking to discover, and why?

You probably already know enough about the location of Villa Twaklinilkawt.  You may even know about the opportunities for mutual support here.

You will already know how to contact us in future.  You will know about the ethereal proprietor and about the premium services offered through Villa Twaklinilkawt.

What else do you know?  And what else do you want to know?

You will probably know something about the philosophy on display here.

You may know about the sponsorship supplied for the free training you have been receiving.  You may also know about the philanthropic services provided, as well as the community services conducted from Villa Twaklinilkawt and the market-based services offered to eligible persons.

You may know about the currently free introductory workshop and the currently free introductory tutorials.  As you are probably aware, you are entitled to acquire knowledge.  Yet you also have a duty to use that knowledge wisely.

You may or may not know about the memorial fund and its enlightening, peaceful, respectful purpose.  In the ordinary world, where the trivial and the tragic are often mistaken for each other, knowledge of the distinction between the two is needed more than ever before.

How do you usually locate the knowledge with which to prevent tragedies?

Several areas of Villa Twaklinilkawt have been staying open for leadership for several years now, mainly to assist anyone interested in making the distinction between wasting time and using time wisely.  Any enlightened leader is able to make such distinctions.  Triviality wastes time, as do all forms of ignorance.

Indeed, it is a great tragedy that the trivial consumes so much of people's minds and lives when there is a great deal of important work to do.  Have you thought about your knowledge, entitlements and duties whilst climbing the ethereal observation tower?  How have you identified and followed your most lofty aims?

Here in Villa Twaklinilkawt, we are not interested in self-promotion or opinionated impositions on the work of enlightened leaders.  No-one working here is particularly interested in giving speeches or listening to speeches or presenting lectures or attending lectures or participating in product launches, corporate lunches or press conferences, except for reasons of satire.  We have much more important things to do than endorsing platitudes and smug attitudes.  Developing a more enlightened form of democracy is a highly serious enterprise.

There is always much to think about when preparing for big events, and for lesser occasions.  Throughout Villa Twaklinilkawt, enlightened social enterprises are developed and supplied to the highest level of viability, but no-one here would ever boast about that.

How have you been participating in the annual World Enlightenment Forum in recent years?

There is no-where else quite like the World Enlightenment Forum through which to gain the knowledge and skills necessary for the long-term viability of enlightened social enterprises.  And all truly worthy businesses and philanthropic activities are social enterprises in the 21st century.  All sorts of enlightened co-operative ventures are instigated and enhanced through the World Enlightenment Forum, too.

Successful social entrepreneurs find it useful to spend some time each week researching in the main digital archive of Villa Twakinilkawt, at least if they are entitled to be there.  They also find it useful to spend some time listening at the door of the music room.  Where do you usually experience the harmonious interplay of beauty, understanding and magnificence?

Are you currently entitled to receive entry to the beautiful boudoir in Villa Twaklinilkawt?  The notes there, and in the music room, are particularly enlightening for anyone preparing for their duties in the cause of world peace and global prosperity.  Everyone is entitled to equal respect when they do a fair share of necessary work.

Social entrepreneurs experiencing the suitably serene salon of the ethereal proprietor gain much useful knowledge about world peace.  Everyone is entitled to experience world peace each day, just as everyone has a duty to spend at least part of each day creating world peace, maintaining world peace and improving world peace.

If you have received an invitation to meet our most senior ethereal tour guide, why was that?

What is your usual contribution to an accurate view of the world in relation to the past, present and future?

Would you like to be a tour guide here yourself?

Do you wish to acquire an acquaintance with the highly privileged secrets of enlightened cultural leadership?

It is always a privilege to experience enlightened leadership of any sort, mainly due to the fact that it is still unfortunately rare.  Anyone gaining access to the celebrity visitors' centre in the observation tower of Villa Twaklinilkawt will already be expected to display enlightened cultural leadership if not enlightened political leadership and enlightened economic leadership.

Even if you do not consider yourself to be a celebrity at present, what sort of leadership do you currently provide?

There is much to discover here but if you need help finding the lost proper tea office, why is that?  Do you not have the knowledge with which to make your own way there?

You will have added to your knowledge during your explorations through the main science studio of Villa Twaklinilkawt, at least if you were entitled to be there.  How do you usually expand your knowledge of enlightened leadership?

If you have been learning about the digital room guides and other volunteers, you will know that most of those individuals are still in training for enlightened leadership positions in many aspects of their lives.  You may therefore wish to become one of the volunteers yourself.

What do you believe to be the duties of volunteers in the 21st century and what should their entitlements be?

Have your expectations within Villa Twaklinilkawt been more about a sense of entitlement, a sense of duty or a feeling of appreciation?

The most conscientious volunteers, here in Villa Twaklinilkawt, may occasionally be found attending special occasions in the room for celebration.  They are the individuals most likely to make the world a much better place than it would otherwise be without them.  How do you usually celebrate good leadership?

Observing improvements in the world is much easier upon reaching the arts laboratory reception area and universal viewing room.  All enlightened leaders seek a broader perspective than is usually possible.

If you manage a social enterprise, or work within one or with one, what are you attempting to achieve, and why?  What sort of knowledge are you still seeking, and how, and why?  What sorts of entitlements do you believe you are receiving and supplying?

There is much to learn in the ethereal coaching coach house and climate stability stables.  Where do you usually receive and supply coaching?

Social entrepreneurs who are also political reformers are likely to spend at least a little of their time enjoying the grounds for gracious causes on a regular basis.  It is how they put their philosophy, philanthropy and co-operation on a viable and enlightened footing.

How does your duty to use your knowledge in enlightened ways express itself through social responsibility and environmental responsibility?

Have you reflected on such matters along the Twaklinilkawtian corridor recently?

Have you done so around the poetic Twaklinian potting shed?

How do you usually think about the boundaries of acceptability?  How do you usually think about entitlements and duties in relation to boundaries, a sense of belonging and a feeling of exclusion or exclusiveness?

If you have already been on an imaginative journey through Twaklinesque long galleries A and/or B, what did you experience?  And what did you learn?

It is your duty to reflect wisely upon the knowledge you have acquired. It is also your duty to use that knowledge when planning for the future.

There is much knowledge to be gained through the arts and sciences, and whilst observing the administrative and curatorial offices around Villa Twaklinilkawt.  How do you usually enlighten the world about your paid and/or unpaid work, and why?

When considering knowledge, entitlements, enlightenment, expectations, appreciation and duties, the best place to start is usually within the glorious gateway of gratitude.  Without a proper sense of perspective, no plan is worthwhile following.

And where are you going along the sublime pathways, and why?  Do you have a clear map?

You may wish to acquire more knowledge at the invisible ticket office about entitlements and duties, but how will you find the office, and the tickets, and find the time to look for them?  There are many such challenges in the 21st century.  You may overcome them by attending a Twaklinesque literary festival.

If you are already involved in the production and appreciation of the world's best experimental literature, you may find it worthwhile to spend some time above the editorial orchards in the grounds of Villa Twaklinilkawt.  Once that experience has been sufficiently rewarding, you may want to enjoy relaxing in the guest wing of Villa Twaklinilkawt.  Finding the right time and place for everything important is itself important.

Your curiosity is likely to be frequently roused here, even whilst looking through a keyhole of a storage shed.  You will probably want to look inside the lovely walled gardens, for example, especially if you have an interest in the distinctions between nature and culture.  Is your imagination mainly natural or mainly cultural?

Appreciation is necessary if any entitlement is to continue.  What have you appreciated most about your digital visits to Villa Twaklinilkawt?

Do you think being appreciative is a duty?

How do you appreciate nature, and why?

What do you appreciate most in relation to cultural values, and why?

What do you appreciate most about your own imagination?

How often do you tend to spend in dialogue with yourself?

There are many questions to consider about what you believe and disbelieve.  What, for example, would you expect to find whilst viewing the apparitional pavilion in the grounds of Villa Twaklinillkawt?  Whether the experience will be any different from your time within a little writing hut is probably yet to be seen.

You will probably already have plenty of knowledge about the ethereal neighbourhood in which Villa Twaklinilkawt is situated.  What do you know about the history of the area?  What do you know about the official history of Villa Twaklinilkawt?

Should you continue to be permitted to pass digitally through the gatehouse of Villa Twaklinilkawt?  If so, should the Nilkawtians continue to permit you to enter the annex?  Have you ever been to Nilkawt?

Even if you are intending to attend enlightening events in Nilkawt in the coming months and years, you will probably consider it useful to attend a few ethereal workshops here in Villa Twaklinilkawt beforehand.  It is always wise to have an adequate knowledge of your entitlements and duties in any part of the world.

Have you ever had a sense of entitlement at the entrance to the grand hallway?  Have you ever felt a sense of belonging there, or even a sense of community?  Do you consider yourself to be an Adelaidean?

What is your knowledge of Adelaide?  Have you been down in the enlightening news vaults under the grand hallway?

You may wish to gain additional knowledge of citizen-journalism in the Adelaidezone news observatory.  There have been many ways to gain knowledge of citizen-journalism in and around Villa Twaklinilkawt, even during renovations of the investigative unit in the observation tower.

What do you believe to be the entitlements and duties of citizen-journalists and professional journalists?

And what is your knowledge of true sprezzatura performances in the little private theatre here in Villa Twaklinilkawt?  Have you auditioned yet?  Have you ever performed on the world stage?

Do you expect to receive privileged access to the auditioning process or even exclusive access to performances?

What are your qualities as a critic and what do you believe to be your essential knowledge, entitlements and duties in that respect?

Bad critics are obviously entitled to book a seat in the room for remedial etiquette.  They may also benefit from spending more time in the courtyard of compassion.

There is much for everyone to learn in the not-so-new interpretive centre and in the original training pavilion, too.

Who should be entitled to go through the ideas boom gate?

And who should be entitled to gain access to beautiful views?  Who should be entitled to gain access to the trustworthy museum of the future?

You may have the ambition of attaining non-digital access to at least part of Villa Twaklinilkawt, or the Adelaidezone more generally.  You will obviously be expected to make a significant contribution to the maintenance arrangements in order to do so.

What do you believe to be the necessary inclusions in your digital and/or material experiences here?  Who do you expect to lead you through the Twaklin gate?

What have been your expectations when visiting the parlour meant for you?  The expectations of you there are mainly that you show enlightened leadership.

Do you think you are entitled to continue receiving training through the service wing? Many areas of Villa Twaklinilkawt are likely to close to the general public soon.

If you know how to find knowledge, do you still need guidance in the library of enlightenment?

What have you discovered about yourself down the winding corridor?

If you are still looking for the official sign of hope, do you feel entitled to find it? 

Do you feel entitled to enter the corridors of power and the fenced-off conservation areas?

What sort of knowledge have you gained at the exhibition on the art of reciprocity?

What do you believe to be your duty after experiencing the enlightened spirit of the Adelaidezone?

You may have reflected on such matters within the rotunda of reason or within one of the pretty flower rooms or when making observations from the chancellery.

Are you aware of the Teapottian parking restrictions?  It is always important to pay heed of reasonable regulations.  Most such information is supplied from and within the natural common room.  Please consider obeying the highly serious senior security guards, moderators, monitors and beadles when instructed to do so.  Your allocated Adelaidean guide should be on hand to assist you if you experience any trouble.

The regulations are necessarily in accordance with the views from the Adelaidezone preservation station as anyone participating in courses through the International Training Centre for the Harmonious Interplay of Beauty, Understanding and Magnificence will be aware.  Such training supplies much knowledge of entitlements and duties.

You will already know that there are no staterooms associated with Villa Twaklinilkawt at present.  This assists anyone relaxing in the really green, green room whenever the natural common room is converted for that purpose.

If you have been enjoying a few days and nights in a creativity cabin, you may also have spent some time exploring the copyright grounds and the public domain parklands.  You may even have seen someone passing through the Twaklinishi memorial gates into the garden of enlightenment.

Regardless of your residential or non-residential experiences, you may have acquired something from the post-consumerist gift store as a souvenir of your visit.  Whenever the natural common room is converted for that purpose, you may be more likely to receive an introduction to the anonymous resident gatekeeper.

Have you considered joining the guardians of the gardens of welcome?  They have considerable knowledge, entitlements and duties.  They are often required to show people the way to the innovation parterre and manufacturing hub.

If you are seeking one or more of the jobs on offer through Villa Twaklinilkawt, you may consider training to be an online Twaklinological tutor.

What is your current knowledge of Twaklinology?

What do you think you are entitled to learn about the subject?

What do you believe a Twaklinologist has a duty to supply to the world?

If you were here during renovations in the investigative unit, you may be pleased to know that particular part of the work there has now been completed.

Are you now seeking to invest in the investigative unit?  If so, please make your offers known as soon as possible.