Thursday, 24 November 2016

A Noble and Leisurely Pace

In a fast moving world of rapid changes and much agitation, it is important to move and eat and act at a noble and leisurely pace, whenever appropriate.

Celebratory enjoyment requires the time to savour each moment, without annoying intrusions.  Underpinning the planning and development of the extraordinarily harmonious and calmly philosophical place and space you are currently experiencing, is the encouragement and support you are philanthropically given to reflect upon your own philosophical and philanthropic views.

By proceeding appropriately, each tour makes its way, at a noble, leisurely pace, from the gatehouse to the front of the main house, past the ethereal coaching coach house and climate stability stables.

During your current visit, the gatehouse is, indeed, fully staffed, though that may not be the case by the time you intend to leave.   You may find the gates locked, which could be more than a slight inconvenience if you are expected elsewhere in a few hours time.  How will you leave here, and when, and why?