Wednesday, 30 November 2016

Bookings Required

Please note that only registered persons are now permitted to spend time researching in the main digital archive of Villa Twaklinilkawt.  Similarly, only registered visitors are now permitted to go through the two Twaklinesque long galleries.

If you are not yet a registered person, you are unlikely to be able to spend any time visiting the parlour meant for you over the coming months unless you register soon.  Nor are you likely to have the opportunity to participate in training through the service wing over the coming months unless you register for that.

Booking are not essential, at present, if you are considering climbing the ethereal observation tower.  However, registration and booking will be required for introductions to some of the free tutorials on offer through Villa Twaklinilkawt.

Please note that bookings are especially advisable for the lavatorial facilities, the exquisite hospitality, the extraordinary private tours, the outstanding premium services and the elegantly exclusive events.

Bookings are likely to be required soon to visit the music room, unless participating in a rehearsal there, of course.  The celebrity visitors' centre remains out of bounds to anyone unworthy of entry there.  Please audition before booking.

A map and a permit are likely to be required in addition to a booking when seeking to find the lost proper tea office.

The current main science studio is strictly out of bounds without a permit, a booking and a substantial donation to the research there.

Only very special guests are eligible to register for events in the room for celebration.  Early bookings are advisable to avoid disappointment.

The arts laboratory reception area and universal viewing room are only accessible to persons attending tutorials.  Bookings are recommended.

Bookings are most definitely required in advance for the ethereal coaching coach house and climate stability stables, to avoid disturbing the work there.

Access to the grounds for gracious causes will most likely be restricted soon, in preparation for forthcoming big events.

Restrictions are in place for anyone seeking to go along the Twaklinilkawtian corridor.  Please seek further information from your guide.

Further detours are in place around the poetic Twaklinian potting shed.

Many of the administrative and curatorial offices are already closed off to visitors.  Please ensure you have an appointment and a letter of introduction before attempting to enter any restricted area.

Only a few of the sublime pathways are still open.  The invisible ticket office is closed to everyone except the staff and registered patrons.

Ordinary members of the public are no longer permitted to attend Twaklinesque literary festivals.  Distinguished literary figures may still attend subject to the assessment of the judging panel.

Access to the editorial orchards is no long available to ordinary mortal editors, or anyone else for that matter, unless they work in association with the official literary activities within Villa Twaklinilkawt.

Only registered patrons may now book accommodation in order to relax in the guest wing of Villa Twaklinilkawt.

A few visitors may still feel inclined to peep through a keyhole of a storage shed, though most of the windows in most of the sheds now have light-excluding blinds. 

Exploring inside most of the lovely walled gardens is now the exclusive privilege of staff members, volunteers and registered patrons.

Only the most artistic of staff members and registered patrons can now view the apparitional pavilion.

As all the little writing huts are now fully booked by various Villa Twaklinilkawt volunteers for the next five years, those locations too are out of bounds until further notice.

Bookings are required to gain further insights into the history and current activities in the ethereal neighbourhood in which Villa Twaklinilkawt is situated.  Most of the information is presented in the ethereal workshops.

Visitors are frequently reminded not to block the ideas boom gate.  This is particularly the case if they are seeking access to beautiful views.

The not-so-new interpretive centre has now closed permanently.  It is likely to be demolished quite soon.

Similarly, the original training pavilion is about to be demolished.

Access to the trustworthy museum of the future is currently only available to persons making substantial donations to the endowment fund.

Only staff members can now go down the winding corridor.

Most visitors are still eligible to book seats in the room for remedial etiquette though there is a waiting list for bookings within the next eighteen months.  Please contact the official Villa Twaklinilkawt communications team for more details.

The pretty flower rooms are now out of bounds to all visitors, except lady patrons.  Even they are expected to book the facilities they require.

The renovated investigation unit is exclusively accessible to highly trained members of the Adelaide (Adagia) team.

All visitors still have the opportunity to experience the enlightened spirit of the Adelaidezone.  This is particularly the case within and from the natural common room.

The corridors of power and the fenced of conservation areas will remain out of bounds, even to the staff here, until further notice.

The teapottian parking restrictions still apply to anyone without a permit to land.

For anyone seeking to enter the rotunda of reason, please note that licences are now required.

Only patrons now have the privilege of making observations from the chancellery.

The exhibition on the art of reciprocity has now closed.  Please contact the staff in the gatehouse if you are seeking to present the exhibition elsewhere.  You are particularly advised to consider volunteering before negotiations can begin.

The enlightening news vaults are now closed to everyone except fee-paying researchers.

Anyone seeking to enjoy a few days and nights in a creativity cabin should note that they are fully booked for the next three years.

As there are no staterooms here, tours of such areas are impossible to book.

Please remember to make a substantial contribution to the memorial fund before attempting to pass through the Twaklinishi memorial gates into the garden of enlightenment.

Bookings must currently be made well in advance before gaining access to the innovation parterre and manufacturing hub.

If you are considering donating as an investment in the investigation unit, please act as quickly as possible.  This is likely to be a once-in-a-lifetime chance for you to improve the world considerable.  Contact the communications team today.

Unless you are considering making a significant contribution to the deliberations of the Mozarty Party in its new global campaign headquarters over the coming months, you are unlikely to gain access to the gardens of the imagination.

Visitors are still eligible to book places on the quality international training course in citizenship, journalism, democracy and peace, but places are strictly limited.  Preference is given to persons known to have gained significant prior experience of events in the serene salon.

Notice has already been given of the forthcoming tour restrictions.  Many of those restrictions are already in place, as indicated in this update.

Tomorrow, the inaugural convocation in the Twaklinestial temple of teapottian truisms is scheduled to occur.  Only persons with tickets are eligible to attend.

The ethereal proprietor of Villa Twaklinilkawt will supervise the proceedings in person.  The most senior ethereal tour guide will provide assistance.

All the guardians of the garden of welcome will form a guard of honour, in accordance with their training.  The Mozarty Party broadband wagon with a full Nilkawtian symphony orchestra within it will be pulled majestically towards the temple by all the houyhnhnmous horses in their full ceremonial bridle wear.

All the highly serious senior security guards, moderators, monitors and beadles will be on duty to ensure the crowds are managed unobtrusively.

There will continue to be many openings and closings over the coming weeks.  If you are already acquainted with the mission associated with the openings, then you will know a considerable amount about the work here.

With or without convocations in the temple, there will be many symbolic interpretations to make in and around Villa Twaklinilkawt, with or without the services of a guide.

Bookings are currently open for anyone seeking to train to become a digital room guide or another sort of volunteer within Villa Twaklinilkawt.  Several areas of the villa will be staying open for leadership only as long as volunteers are available to assist:

1. The gatehouse

2. The grand hallway

3. The library

4. The observation tower

5. The vestibule to the boudoir

6. The salon

7. The little private theatre

8. The Adelaidezone news observatory

Bookings are certainly required for the private tours.

A waiting list of nine months is in place for the tour taking in the official sign of hope.

On the public tour today, bookings are not currently required as your allocated Adelaidean guide will mainly tell you about the official history of Villa Twaklinilkawt and the work in this location of the International Training Centre for the Harmonious Interplay of Beauty, Understanding and Magnificence.  You will also have a chance to view the copyright grounds and the public domain parklands.

You will need to make a booking to receive privileged access.  Waiting lists of two years and three months currently apply for anyone seeking to be introduced to the anonymous resident senior gatekeeper.

Meanwhile, everyone here is eagerly awaiting the arrival of the inaugural high priestess for the temple.