Friday, 18 November 2016

Enjoying Your Visit

All the reception staff in the gatehouse are available at present.  They are therefore able to present all the details you may require  in order to enjoy your present and future visits to the full.

Here are a few of the questions members of the reception staff are likely to ask you:

1. What are you currently seeking to learn about Villa Twaklinilkawt?

2. Why are you seeking to learn more about the location of the villa?

3.  When are you seeking to join a virtual guided tour?

4.  Where are you seeking to enjoy the premium services provided to patrons and special guests?

5. How have you been seeking to improve your philanthropy?

6. Who has been helping you to find additional enlightenment?

7. Why are you seeking to receive a little more news?

8. How often do you find wisdom itself to be an extraordinarily imaginative destination?

9.  Who is the ethereal proprietor of and in your mind?

10. How do you usually reflect upon the best of everything, dear imaginative visitor?  

Everyone legitimately associated with Villa Twaklinilkawt, even beyond the gatehouse, is trained to provide enlightened global leadership towards the appropriate expression of beauty, understanding and magnificence, in any location or situation.  Whether any particular individual amongst those persons has completed the training sufficiently is another matter entirely.

During any tour of Villa Twaklinilkawt, tutorials can be supplied, whenever necessary, either free of charge or for a small fee or for a considerable sum.

There could, of course, be many surprises along the way, though the illustrious ethereal proprietor of this establishment would never wish for anyone to be frightened here.

To proceed with the tour, please note that there are likely to be several areas of the lovely walled gardens to enjoy.

There is the apparitional pavilion to admire with wonder.

There are the sublime pathways to experience joyfully.

Outside the purposefully peculiar perimeter of the villa, there is Adelaide itself with its uncertain climate, economy and identity.

There is also your imagination to explore.

The tour continues this way