Monday, 21 November 2016

Observing the Surroundings

This tour is currently available free of charge, though you are most welcome to make a donation towards maintaining this location, expanding the collections and sustaining and improving the ethereal, editorial, interpersonal and curatorial services provided here.

How will you interact with all the distinguished guests and conscientious servants of art and enlightenment you are likely to encounter here over the next few minutes, hours, days, weeks, months and years?  Will you feel somewhat awkward and overwhelmed unless you acquire sprezzatura?

You are likely to meet many highly accomplished ethereal persons in the public domain parklands but not necessarily in the copyright grounds. 

Of course, the digital architecture and most valuable contents of the villa itself should never be regarded as a public domain, even when publicly accessible.  This reflects the necessity to visit the gatehouse upon arrival, and especially to respect all the civilised rules of copyright, etiquette and global hospitality.

However, there is no guarantee that any particular area of the villa itself will be open during the tour, or at all beyond the end of each day, or even each hour.  This certainly applies whenever there is a high turnover of staff and/or volunteers at the gatehouse.

It is understandable that morale is likely to be low whenever new arrivals behave in a dreadfully discourteous manner.  Areas of Villa Twakinilkawt may also close without warning if large numbers of visitors turn up all at once expecting free entry.  It always pays to plan ahead.

Priority here is given to our patrons.

Observing the requirements of copyright is important everywhere.  There is nothing provided philanthropically whenever intellectual property is abused.

If you have been developing an enlightened sense of place with good sense and good taste, you will have been observing your surroundings very carefully indeed.