Thursday, 10 November 2016

Openings and Closings

There are many rooms, gardens, parks, pavilions and additional facilities in and around Villa Twaklinilkawt.  There are also many forums, festivals, exhibitions and other big events.

Notice was given on 20 October of several tour restrictions.  Most of those restrictions are now in place, in keeping with the preparations ahead.

If you have been seeking to attend a Twaklinesque literary festival in recent months, please note that this year's International Twaklinesque Literary Festival of Twaklinian Poetry and Twaklinist Prose has been considerably less open to the public than last year's event.

The production and distribution of quality literature in the 21st century usually requires the assistance of patrons, sponsors, donors and other supporters.  To access that literature may require the purchase of permits relating to licensing.

Please also note that the current exhibition on the art of reciprocity is about to close.  This is due to the fact that the parlour is likely to close to the public soon, too.

Another exhibition, on the art of hospitality and philanthropy, is likely to open soon in the natural common room, in preparation for the next World Enlightenment Forum.  That exhibition is being curated by the anonymous resident senior gatekeeper.

Once the exhibition opens, our most senior ethereal tour guide is likely to be on hand to maintain the dignity of the occasion.  Practice sessions of the welcoming procedures are already occurring.

Anyone seeking privileged access to the currently closed areas of Villa Twaklinilkawt should seek advice in the natural common room.  Only staff members, senior volunteers and registered patrons are now permitted to use the services supplied through the invisible ticket office.

As a consequence, only registered patrons now have the ability to purchase tickets for the Twaklinesque long galleries and for exclusive events in, and exclusive tours of, the ethereal theatre.

Early notice of the next World Enlightenment Forum was sent out in July from the main venue for the digital aspects of the January 2017 event, namely the natural common room.  Potential digital delegates and other prospective attendees are already likely to be aware that the event will be open to any reasonable person interested in nature in a digital arts quarter.

If you are considering volunteering for the forum, please do so soon.  This even applies if you wish to consider yourself to be one of the enlightened servants of peace.

If you are seeking employment within Villa Twaklinilkawt, much of the information about natural jobs in this location will soon be available only to volunteers and patrons.  Please ensure you act in a sufficiently timely manner to avoid lost opportunities.

Many persons wish to experience a peace of nature in and around Villa Twaklinilkawt.  That is likely to be available for only a short while, too.  You may have access to it around the gardens, at least briefly.  Are you familiar with the duties of gatekeepers?

The areas of Villa Twaklinilkawt likely to remain open, at least for a little while longer, as highlights of the public virtual tours include:

1. Several of the volunteering areas of the gatehouse

2. The considerably automated service areas of the annex

3. The majestically civilised and ethereal grand hallway

4. The gloriously enlightening library and its lovely gardens

5. The extraordinarily beautiful outer room of the boudoir

6. The suitably serene salon for world peace and lovely literature

7. The elegantly ethereal little sprezzatura theatre

Areas likely to close to the ordinary public soon:

1. The parlour meant for you and your enlightenment

2. The magnificent Mozartian music room

3. The highly imaginative current main science studio

Areas now only open for private tours, highly supervised training, volunteering and research purposes:

1. The service wing

2. The main digital archive

3. The enlightening news vaults

Much of the public virtual tour of Villa Twaklinilkawt will continue to require each visitor to have an open mind and a healthy imagination.  The ability to evoke the enlightened spirit of the Adelaidezone would also be useful when seeking to experience sufficient openness.