Saturday, 12 November 2016

Symbolic Interpretations

If you have a universal or more restricted understanding of symbols, symbology, symbolism and symbolic gestures, you may wonder whether your symbolic interpretations of Villa Twaklinilkawt are appropriately enlightened.

For example, one of the volunteer tour guides here is an Australian researcher called Kate Chon.  She is not a relation of Katherine Chon though Kate works to prevent all forms of exploitation.

Kate says she has yet to see evidence that Katechon is anything other than the human capacity for informed consent and co-operation.  She seeks to empower everyone equally, based on fairness, calmness, sufficient evidence and good reasoning, as do all persons associated with Villa Twaklinilkawt.

In terms of symbolism, and especially mnemonics, semiotic meanings and linguistic meanings, Kate does her best to remind everyone of CHON and symbiosis.  She is aware of the meaning of mathematical symbols.  She is obviously aware of symbols used in chemistry.  She is aware of symbolism in religions, nations and cultures, particularly through the arts.  Kate also knows about the arts movement of symbolism.

The effective use of symbols often involves the recognition of patterns.  Cultures usually involve patterns of behaviour, in thought, action and recognition.

You may wish to reflect further upon the symbolism within Villa Twaklinilkawt, with or without the assistance of Kate.

To enlighten yourself further about Villa Twaklinilkawt, the tour continues this way