Friday, 2 December 2016

Special Entry

As the final touches were made to the new wall around the new temple complex in the grounds for gracious causes last week, tickets went on sale in the invisible ticket office for VIP seating at yesterday's inaugural convocation.  Only registered patrons were eligible to purchase those tickets.  No public announcement was therefore made in relation to the sale.

Most of the mysteries witnessed are likely to remain a mystery to most people.  Meanwhile, the high priestess of the temple has also been appointed as the new editor-in-chief of Adelaide (Adagia) Reports.  She intends to spend much of her time meditating in the investigative unit when not performing her duties in the temple.

Special entry permits for the investigative unit is now required, even by members of the Adelaide (Adagia) team.  Special entry permits are also required for most of the grounds for gracious causes, particularly in the area near the temple.

Please remember that the advance bookings required for many forthcoming events and tours are associated with the maintenance arrangements and security arrangements.