Monday, 12 December 2016

Turning the Twaklin Key

Who is truly deserving of a free tour of Villa Twaklinilkawt?

Who is truly deserving of a free tutorial about the second Age of Enlightenment?

Who is truly deserving of free entry to the World Enlightenment Forum?

Who is truly deserving of free entry to performances in the ethereal theatre?

Which way should the Twaklin key be turned, and by whom?

By turning the key slightly to the right, the gate is locked to everyone except highly enlightened persons who already happen to be relatively wealthy.

By turning the key slightly to the left, the opposite occurs.  The gate is then open to everyone and anyone, or at least anyone already possessing access to the digital public transport system called the Internet.

When the key is turned to the left, many visitors take the freely provided philanthropic services for granted.  Most people have an insufficient imagination.  They also have an apathetic tendency to stay away when access is free and unlimited.  Most people with insufficient interest in enlightenment also stay away.

Persons without imagination and enlightenment as their main priorities believe they can always come here another day, if they feel so inclined.  That assumption reflects an attitude of unacceptable complacency.  It also ignores the necessity to show appreciation and respect and a suitable sense of urgency.

Encouraging the global development of imagination and enlightenment has long been the philanthropic priority here.  While the Twaklin key is slightly to the left, several extraordinary quaternary tutorials are offered to ordinary members of the public, free of charge.

Most of the persons participating in those tutorials have been servants of art and nature.  They have usually been seeking enlightening insights into common experiences of the arts and sciences.

Yet few members of the public truly appreciate what is sustainable and what is not.  For local people, in particular, there have been tutorials about Adelaide and its future.  Should those tutorials continue to be supplied or should the Twaklin key be moved slightly to the right?

Preventing the Twaklin key from being turned any further to the right will require your influence as an enlightened patron.  What are you able to offer?

Many areas of Villa Twaklinilkawt, and many events and activities here, are now exclusively presented to registered patrons.  The official public tour therefore currently has a highly restricted route.

Whether you are currently a patron or not, you may need to be reminded to register now for the 2017 World Enlightenment Forum.  If you are considering attending in person, or even just in a digital way, please make your intentions known.

Should everyone continue to have digital access to the World Enlightenment Forum as in previous years?

Appreciative, relatively enlightened members of the public already know they have had privileged access to Villa Twaklinilkawt for several years now, regardless of their views on keys, politics and symbolism.  Those persons have received privileged guidance in the library.  They have had privileged entry to the boudoir, or at least its vestibule.

Most visitors have, quite understandably, not had the privilege of gaining access to the celebrity visitors' centre.  Few visitors, upon reaching the arts laboratory reception area and universal viewing room, have gained the privilege of entering the arts laboratory itself, including most purported celebrities.

Only a few persons now have the privilege of observing the administrative and curatorial offices.  Those persons are the most extraordinarily generous patrons.

Whenever ordinary people are insufficiently appreciative of beauty in the world, and indifferent to gaining access to beautiful views, the Twaklin gate is closed to them.  How do you show appreciation of beauty, understanding and magnificence?

Appreciation is at the heart of every celebration within Villa Twaklinilkawt.  The Twaklin key is perfectly centred for anyone attending special occasions in the room for celebration.

Most of the official guided tours of Villa Twaklinilkawt now begin from the natural common room.   This includes the public tour.

Have you experienced a portal between the present and the future?

Have you experienced enlightenment?

When you go through the Twaklin gate, you may often be unaware that the enlightened spirit of the Adelaidezone usually resides in the lock mechanism and not in the key itself.  That spirit may occasionally be observed through the keyhole of a storage shed.  Enlightenment floats to wherever it may be most appreciated.

As long as the spirit of enlightenment does not become trapped, it will thrive and work magnanimously and equanimously for the betterment of the world.  Enlightenment must be free to dance through everyone's imagination.

The spirit became trapped in 1789 and released in 1839.  It became trapped again in 1914 and was not released until 2009.  That is why the spirit of enlightenment delights in freedom.

Unless you have experienced closed opportunities, how can you possibly appreciate freedom?

True freedom is moderate and balanced.  The spirit of enlightenment becomes irritable whenever the Twaklin key is moved too far to the right or left.  Do you believe this to be the key to the future?

The areas already closed to non-patrons include the vaults under the grand hallway.  Whether the hallway itself will be closed, too, is currently a matter of much discussion.  The new editor-in-chief of the local investigative reporting service conducted from the hallway even believes the news desk itself is an unnecessary extravagance.

The parlour and music room are already closed to ordinary visitors, too.  The service wing remains out of bounds.  The main archive and main science studio are also restricted to suitably registered patrons only.

The vestibule of the boudoir is likely to be locked soon.  Even the ethereal observation tower will possibly soon no longer be accessible on public tours.

As you may be aware, the observation tower is where enlightening information about the free tutorials has been beautifully displayed for some time now.  The tutorials will soon only be freely available to registered patrons.

The following information will soon only be accessible to registered patrons, too:

Did you attend any earlier tours?